Fresh Out The Box: What A Time To Be Alive, Says Drake and Future’s Mixtape, And We Agree

Welcome to our semi-frequent exploration of what’s good in music. This week, Drake and Future make relatively good music, we find Taylor Swift palatable and revisit the American musical.

“What A Time To Be Alive” Is Right!

While you were either glued to the Emmys, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”(they went to Armenia in this one, guys), or watching the Seattle Seahawks lose to Green Bay, Drake and Future dropped the mixtape they’ve been teasing.

It’s called What A Time To Be Alive and it is great. Like, really great. Drake may never put out another actual studio album again, but it’s okay. I can wait forever as long as he keeps plopping out these things in the meantime. It’s available on Apple Music and iTunes for now, so go over to our friends at Stereogum to stream it there.

Ryan Adams Covers Taylor Swift, Makes It Palatable (Which Is Weird)

Ryan Adams loves Taylor Swift so much that he decided to turn “1989” into an early Bruce Springsteen tribute album. It’s not bad. Seriously. I’m mad that I like it. That should be all you need to know.

NPR First Listen Never Fails Us, Ever

40th Anniversary Of

For you musical-heads out there, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s latest, Hamilton, is streaming at NPR. It is a musical about Alexander Hamilton’s life through hip-hop and R&B ballads. Does that sound terrible? It’s actually supposed to be really fucking good, so listen to the soundtrack here before you throw down $200 for the good seats.

CHVRCHES Will Get You Through This Day

Scottish fairy princess Laura Mayberry and her band of merry electronic music makers are back with their second album, and NPR has it. It’s nice and icy and glossy and sparkly and just listen to it, okay?

And, in case none of this is whetting your whistle, listen to Quadron lead singer Coco O.’s solo track, “Hardest Thing”. It’s great.