Don’t Worry, Jon Hamm Did Thank Jennifer Westfeldt In His Emmy Speech

Just to be perfectly clear, Jon Hamm DID thank longtime (former) girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt when he finally won the Best Actor Emmy for “Mad Men.” “Cora [their dog] and Jen, thank you all very much, I would not be standing here without you,” he said. [People]

Orlando Bloom has never met a super slender, flat-chested, early-twentysomething he didn’t like, which explains why the rumor that he’s now dating Kendall Jenner makes perfect sense. Orlando is 38, Kendall is 19, making this potential pair legal but still totally gross. [Daily Mail]

Oh look, here’s recent groom Justin Theroux complaining about how not fun wedding planning is! Not that I think wedding planning would ever be particularly fun (hence I do not particularly ever want to do it myself), but we all know grooms really never do anything other than nod, AND I’m willing to bet he and Jennifer Aniston had a wedding planner do all the work anyway. All Justin probably had to do was show up in a suit and leave that godforsaken fedora at home. [NY Daily News]

This weekend, Allison Williams – aka Marnie on “Girls” and daughter of Brian Williams — got married to Ricky Van Veen, founder of College Humor. The bride wore Oscar de la Renta, all of her costars were there, Tom Hanks officiated and John Mayer performed. Huh. [Page Six]


Last night on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Kim announced her second pregnancy to the fam, with sister Khloe showing the most excitement. “I really thrived when you were fat and pregnant, they compared you to a whale. It was the first time I was ever the thin one.” Congrats to everyone! [Us Weekly]

Viola Davis for President, but Peter Dinklage’s teensy man bun for Secretary of State, please. [Us Weekly]