Got An Hour? Check Out These Ads For Cocaine! Or, Read These Things

Do you have an hour? We bet you do. Here’s a bunch of stuff to read in the bath/listen to while making breakfast as you go into your weekend.

Here’s a shitload of really incredible ads for cocaine and its various accouterments from drug mags from the seventies. Nowadays its all tapes and shit, but back then, people did a buttload of cocaine! They are all wonderful. [AdWeek]

Ta-Nehisi Coates is one of the more brilliant and woke writers we have working right now on the very difficult subjects of race and the peril of the black body in America. His latest work is a masterful, difficult piece on the affects of incarceration on the black family and our terrible, horrible prison system. It’s worth every minute of your time. [The Atlantic]

A Barbie with AI is coming for your children. AI Barbie wants to be your friend. AI Barbie might try and steal your car. Read about what else she has up your sleeve. [The New York Times Magazine]

Did you see the debates? Then you probably realize that the people running for the Republican nomination are actually insane and so are the people who support them. Dissolve the United States, who needs it. [Deadspin]

The thing about Taylor Swift’s video “Wildest Dreams” that was actually so fucked is that it’s about the glorification of white supremacy, not the absence, perceived or otherwise, of black people. Really. Let that sink in. Read this shit. [Pacific Standard]

Teen Beat! Tiger Bop! Read This look at the iconic teen celeb mags of the ’80s and ’90s! [Buzzfeed]