Court Rules ‘Borgata Babes’ In Atlantic City Allowed To Fire Waitresses If They Gain Weight

Atlantic City casino ‘Borgata Babes’ was embroiled in a lawsuit over firing waitresses who had not met their standards after employment.

The New Jersey appeals court says the Borgata casino’s personal appearance standards are lawful since it states its conditions during their hiring process. Yes, it’s still horribly sexist and objectifying, but under the law, this still stands. The appearance policy prohibits Borgata Babes from gaining or losing more than 7% of their body weight. :-|

During the case however, it did find that 11 of the 21 former cocktail waitresses who brought the lawsuit may have been the victims of a hostile work environment over the enforcement of those standards.

Part of hostile work environment claims from the waitresses included supervisors asking them whether they are pregnant or just getting fat as well as coworkers “snorting like pigs” at them (!)

As a result, the casino is being ordered by the court to change the way it goes about enforcing their ridiculous standards. I suppose that’s something?

I wonder if Donald Trump owns this classy establishment?