Tourists Bombard Turtle Nesting In Costa Rica, Proving Tourists Are Terrible

Everyone is terrible. That’s it. We’re awful.

Thousands of tourists decided to gather along Ostional Beach on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, taking numerous selfies and even sticking their damn kids on the turtles’ backs (!!!) right when the olive ridley sea turtles were about to settle down to nest and hatch their babies.

The mass of turtles replied in unison “fuck this shit” and turned around to go back to sea.

The olive ridley nesting season runs from August through October which also coincides with Costa Rica’s rainy season. Normally, this protects the turtles and until now tourists have been relatively absent.

But because of some changes in weather pattern, the rain has dissipated, making it more alluring for tourists to gather and watch the turtles do their thing (leave them alone!).

This breed of sea turtle is already especially vulnerable to predators and other nefarious conditions, which make survival of its young precarious enough in the natural world – the last thing they need is more forces against them, threatening survival.

Humans need to seriously GTFO.

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