Man Finds Fish That Looks Just Like Elton John

Just when I think I’ve had enough of the internet for good, something like this comes along and completely restores my faith in the wonderful stupidity that our virtual world has to offer.

53 year old Paul Storey was feeding majestic ghost carp in a pond at Burnby Hall Gardens near Pocklington, East Yorkshire in England the other day, and lo and behold, one carp swims up to him who is the spitting image of Elton John circa the 1970s in full performance regalia.

The ghost carp is a hybrid from a koi carp and a mirror carp and is usually kept in ornamental ponds. Beautiful!

Storey says:

“I was taking a few photographs at the time and caught the image just as it came to the surface. It seems to almost have a human face and looks a lot like Elton John’s distinctive look from the 70s.”

That’s it, I’m moving to Yorkshire to sit by ponds and feed Elton John fish forever.

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