The Rules For Watching “The Bachelor” When You’re A Dad

The man-flu can make you do all kinds of crazy things. For Australian politician Mike Baird, not only did it get him to watch the Thursday night finale of “The Bachelor Australia” — it made him livetweet it. His commentary injected some much needed dad-jokes into the social media conversation and gave us all a sense of what it’s like to be a dad buying into the “Bachelor” franchise.

Much like being a politician, being a Bachelor watching dad comes with a lot of  responsibility. According to his tweets, here are the rules for engagement.  

1. Always have an excuse. Technically, Baird had three excuses if you count the flu and his two daughters.

2.  Comment on manly things you can relate to, like facial hair.

3. Show off your hopeless romantic side.

4. Give a shout out to your female coworker. Baird opted to go with Gladys Berejiklian.

5. Allow said coworker to speak for herself because you have daughters and respect women.

6. Express empathy while making it all about you.

7. Accidentally come up with the idea for “Bachelor In Paradise.”

8. Get back to work.