Ryan Adams Covers Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” And It’s Somehow Not That Bad

Ryan Adams and Taylor Swift, two flavors that I generally don’t care for, have combined in a way that seems to be inoffensive and actually decent, surprising me and everyone I’ve told this morning thus far. Here is his cover of “Bad Blood,” which is off his forthcoming 1989 covers album, out on Monday, September 21. The original version of the song is unlistenable, in my esteemed opinion, but Ryan’s attempt isn’t bad. The only thing it does is highlight Taylor Swift’s lyrics, which, when isolated against decent production and jangly guitars, are very, very bad.

If you care for either Ryan Adams or Taylor Swift, or are curious to see what it sounds like when the brunette Ed Sheeran covers America’s most disingenuous sweetheart, check it out. You might be surprised.