Grown Ass Lady Posts A Love Note Left For Her Boyfriend By Their 12-Year-Old Neighbor

Trinity is a 12-year-old girl with a crush on a grown man, who’s in a relationship with a woman. Though we’ve all been there, few of us have handled this complicated like-triangle with the kind of grace and assertiveness that she did. Giving new meaning to a dear John letter, Trinity laid down the law, letting him know that their friendship isn’t worth the shade his girlfriend is throwing. I’ve met 30-year-olds that aren’t this articulate with their feelings.

But such maturity was lost on John’s significant other, who posted the love letter for a good laugh as Redditor  Wait_No_Stop. Within the thread, she revealed that John is 29 and she is 21, and that she’s both jealous of Trinity’s friendship and handwriting. When people doubted the legitimacy of the note (mostly because of Trinity’s handwriting and emotional intelligence), the girlfriend provided further details about Trinity’s behavior and joked about her possibly crying on the note. She even submitted a handwriting sample to prove that she didn’t write it. As if that was the issue here.

I get that the point of posting this was to be funny, but here’s the thing — Trinity likely has access to the Internet and the odds of her seeing this (along with the 3,000-plus comments attached to it) are pretty good. The intent of the original poster may not have been mean spirited, but it was misguided.

Being a 12-year-old girl with a crush sucks enough as it is. You’d think this adult would know that from being 12 in the past decade herself. There’s no need to make her feel any  weirder about a situation that’s naturally uncomfortable on it’s own. I’m with Team Trinity on this one.