Got $600 To Spare? You Should Totally By This Vagina Couch

I know. The thought of owning a couch shaped like a vagina made me scoff too. I am proud to possess a pussy, or whatever, but I’m not one of those feminists who wants to decorate my home in vaginal art work (unless of course it’s an original Georgia O’Keefe painting). However, I am a total sucker for a cozy little nook in which to sit while weaving or reading or watching TV, and I gotta say, this particular couch — being sold on Portland’s Craiglist for $600 — looks like the coziest little nook ever. Look at that clever little clitoris pillow! And the labia looks like it would envelope you and hold you close as you nestled in. It looks so goddamn comfy I can almost — ALMOST — overlook its general hideousness. (In fairness, the owner said she made it in school for an art project, and in that context, it’s pretty cool.) I don’t know that I would buy it if I did have $600 to spare on a couch, but I would totally endorse you buying it if you let me come over from time to time. [Fusion]