Duggar Homeschool Leader Deletes Flood Of Sexual Abuse Allegations From Facebook Post

As you may recall from the Josh Duggar child molestation fiasco, Bill Gothard, the man who created the Duggar’s homeschool program also had a bit of a problem in that particular area. You see, Gothard had to resign from his post at the Institute in Basic Life Principles after 34 women claimed he sexually harassed them–four of whom say he sexually molested them.

Anyway, Gothard had been keeping a low profile for quite some time, but today he, or whoever runs his social media, decided to put a post up on Facebook. The first in nearly two years.

bill gothard facebook

It did not go well.

The post was quickly flooded with accusations of sexual abuse from former supporters as well as people who knew survivors of Gothard’s abuse or claim to have witnessed it themselves. Those posts, however, were immediately deleted, and the only ones that remain were ones praising Gothard for how much he loves Jesus or whatever. However, Gawker got some screencaps before the comments were deleted.

bill gothard 3
bill gothard 2
bill gothard 1

Those who commented were told by the pages moderator that this page was only for POSITIVE comments about Bill Gothard, and were instructed to privately email him with their concerns instead. You know, so no one else would see them.

bill gothard 4

What a charming and very holy human being!