Bristol Palin Pitches A Fit Over Obama Inviting Ahmed Mohamed To The White House

Bristol Palin is VERY UPSET about a thing. And that thing is a thing which warmed all of our hearts this week! She’s mad that President Obama invited Ahmed Mohamed — a 14-year-old kid who was arrested when some idiot thought the clock he made was a bomb — to the White House.

This is Bristol Palin’s biggest beef this week. Doing a nice thing for a teenage kid that endured something pretty messed up! Encouraging kids to be into science! So controversial!

Here’s what she said:

In case you missed it. The President invited Ahmed Mohamed to visit the White House to show the President his homemade clock. The fourteen year old was arrested after someone reported that he was building a bomb.

This is the kind of stuff Obama needs to STAY out of. This encourages more racial strife that is already going on with the “Black Lives Matter” crowd and encourages victimhood.

The police made a mistake, clearly.

But why put more people against them? Why egg it on? Childish games like this from our president have divided our country… even more today than when he was elected.

OK. Let’s start with this whole “encourages victimhood” thing, shall we, Bristol?

First of all, it’s not “encouraging victimhood” when you acknowledge when people are actual victims. Ahmed Mohamed is an actual victim. Victims of police violence are actual victims. Black Lives Matter isn’t causing “racial strife” — it is acknowledging and fighting the racial strife which already exists in this country.

But let’s talk about “encouraging victimhood,” shall we? Now! You know who is not being disproportionately murdered by police? Or who isn’t being accused of committing crimes they’re not guilty of because of their religion? Conservative Christians like you!


Every time I see your mother, or her buddies Mike Huckabee, or hell, read one of your blogs, you know what I see a lot of? I see a lot of victimhood! I see a lot of “Oh! Christians and Conservatives are being PERSECUTED for their beliefs! We’re not being allowed to discriminate against gay people in our bakeries! We’re not being allowed to tell school children lies about science! We’re not being allowed to force other children to pray to our god in schools! AND PEOPLE IN DEPARTMENT STORES WISH US HAPPY HOLIDAYS SOMETIMES AND IT IS DEEPLY TRAUMATIC, OK?”

Every day, I read something about some politician and pastor warning of the ways in which Christians are being persecuted. Crying over Kim Davis being “persecuted” for being expected to either do her job or quit. Crying over shit they made up about how all the gay people are going to come together and throw them in jail!

Every day, I read something about how scared you all are that Obama is coming for your guns. I read something about how mad you are about imaginary poor people eating king crab legs on your dime. How mad you are that, OH MY GOD, people might ask you to refer to Caitlyn Jenner by a female pronoun. How it was so mean of that mean reporter lady to ask your mom what newspapers she read! How frightened you are by marginalized people asking you to treat them with common human decency, which you all so dismissively refer to as “political correctness.”

You know what’s not happening to you, Bristol Palin? You’re not being hauled off to jail for building a clock, or killed for walking alone at night. People aren’t calling the cops because they think you’re breaking into your own house. You’re not a target of police violence, or any violence for that matter.

And, just as a kicker, I don’t see many in your party talking about how you, or the fathers of your children, are ruining yourselves or this country by you getting pregnant out of wedlock. Not that I think they should, but I don’t think they should say it about anyone else either.

You all are in a spiral of perpetual victimhood. All of which is completely imagined! I could probably go on for pages on all the stupid ass ways you think you are victimized. So I just cannot believe you have the gall to suggest that people who actually are victims should just shut up. That we should ignore their very real complaints because those complaints make you uncomfortable and you think they are “dividing” this country. Because it would be more pleasant for you if we all just put on our ear muffs and pretended that these things didn’t happen. Because it would be more pleasant for you if people were not angry about these things happening.

You wanna know what’s “dividing” this country? The fact that you all are batshit nuts. The fact that you bristle at the slightest kindness. The fact that you are actually mad that President Obama invited a kid who made a clock to the White House.

And if you think we’re the ones encouraging divisiveness? You know what the biggest “criticism” of Lindsey Graham was at the GOP debates? The fact that he had occasionally worked with Democrats on bills and one time said a pleasant thing about Hillary Clinton. This was an anathema to your people. The whole stage was horrified! How is that not “divisive”? How is threatening to shut down the government every time your party doesn’t get it’s way not “divisive?” How is getting mad every time the President so much as mentions that people who aren’t White Heterosexual Christians even exist in this country not “divisive”?

You, and your ilk, are the ones engendering “perpetual victimhood.” You’re the ones dividing this country. Maybe these are some things you should consider before you get mad over something as innocuous as the President inviting a kid to the White House.

Also, my god, you are a fucking idiot.

[Bristol Palin]