The Frisky Presents: A Realistic History Of Our Bras

If you ever sat down with your bra and thought, “what was your grandma like?,” then the gals at Glamour Magazine have the video for you. Their recent YouTube venture features a visual history of the undergarment we’re all dying to take off right now. But seeing that none of these bras are on fire, I’m skeptical about the historical accuracy.

As fun as it was to learn that the Roman Empire hated big boobs (probably why they fell), I’d find the history of a normal woman’s bra much more interesting. So to put it in perspective, here’s mine.


1. When I buy it from Target because you know they wont try touch/fit me like they do in Victoria Secret.

2. When it fits well. It’s the honeymoon part of the bra relationship that is over all too soon.

3. When it fits less well. I’m starting the transition into bra-shaped tank top territory.

4. When I take it off and discover an underrated cure for depression.

5. When I unsnap it at work and feel like I’ve gotten away with something.

6. When it’s dirty and that’s why my boobs are itchy.

7. When one wire comes out and I take out the other wire because this bra has some good years left in her.

8. When the back hook literally starts stabbing me in the back.

9. When someone sees something and says something. Me and my ancient bra do not appreciate it.

10. When a laundromat, bedroom or hotel put what was once a bra out of its misery by absorbing it.