Old Man Mistakes The Frisky For Friskies Cat Food, Requests Cat Postcards — Let’s Make His Dreams Come True!

When you work at a site that also happens to have a name very close to what my vet has called the McDonald’s of cat food, there are bound to be some mix-ups every now and then.

“OH COOL DO YOU GUYS SELL CAT FOOD?” asks some cool human who’s sidling up to you at a bar and asking you about what you do for work.

“HURR DID YOU KNOW YOUR SITE HAS THE SAME NAME AS A CAT FOOD COMPANY,” cries another as you nod and smile.

These people are the devil’s handmaidens. We have come to ignore them. It is for the best. But sometimes something genuine floats up through the muck and the mire of the internet, and when this happens, it’s prudent to pay attention. The world is not always a steaming garbage pile of outrage and shoutycaps. Sometimes, a nice man in Nevada genuinely, earnestly requests cat and/or kitten postcards from a site that he thinks is the headquarters of all things cat. It would be cruel to not oblige.

We received a letter today from a gentleman named Wesley. Addressed to “Headquarters, The Frisky,” Mr. Ogden wrote in to request assistance with obtaining postcards “with cats and or kittens.” He enclosed a self-addressed stamped envelope and an example of what he wanted, sent “from Japan originally by the Friskies Club.” Here is his letter, in full.

Dear Sir,

Can you please assist me in obtaining postcards with cats and or kittens.

I am interested in small quantities (duplicates are okay) and or assorted cards.

Enclosure (1) is a copy of a card I received from Japan originally by the Friskies Club.

Any related information would be appreciated.

Very truly yours,


Maybe we’re getting trolled. Maybe this is all an elaborate ruse. Maybe this is some kid’s art project and we’re just taking the bait. Or, maybe there is a man named Wesley living in Nevada who thinks that The Frisky and Friskies are one and the same. While a more hardened soul would just send this confused gentleman written-out instructions on how to perform a Google search for “cat videos” or, snarkily direct him to Buzzfeed (LOL), we’re striving against #rude and going for straight “earnest/nice/why not.” There’s enough shit on the internet. All this man wants is some cat postcards. Let’s indulge him.

Here is our humble request: send us your cat postcards. Don’t be lewd — when we say “cat,” we don’t mean “pussy,” we mean a feline animal. See below for an example of a cat, in case you’re confused.

what a dummy

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So! Send us cat postcards — blank cat postcards. Include a note to Wesley, if you want. If we could get all these postcards by October 1st, fantastic. All blank cat postcards should be placed in an envelope ad addressed to:

Megan Reynolds, The Frisky
1412 Broadway, 22nd Floor
New York, NY 10018

If Wesley wants a cat postcard, by god we’ll get him a cat postcard. In fact, we’ll get him MANY cat postcards. Once we’ve amassed a good amount, we’ll zip ‘em off to Wesley, because honestly, the thought of this request languishing makes us ineffably sad. Let’s do a nice thing. Let’s not be jerks. Let’s fulfill Wesley’s postcard dreams.