Lady Pulls Tampon Out Of Bible, Goes On Weird Anti-Gay Rant

I am at an absolute loss to explain what on earth is even going on here. Former Alaska Senate candidate Kathleen Tonn got up during a meeting of the Anchorage Assembly at which a proposed ordinance protecting LGBT citizens from discrimination was being discussed. Tonn, apparently, did not support that.

However, I’ve watched the video approximately three times, and I can’t exactly figure out what her argument was supposed to be, or why she brought a trumpet and a tampon to help make her point.

This, however, is not Tonn’s first time at the Internet rodeo, as she apparently had a hit a while back when she decided to ambush a woman who “hadn’t accepted Jesus into her heart” in the middle of a sauna and start “singing in tongues” to her.

The way she’s going, some of the GOP Presidential candidates may have a run for their money!

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