If You Have $1 Million You Can Buy A Condo From This Corgi Realtor

When it comes to selling real estate, Katharine Holland and Travis Bernard of the Good Life Team are not afraid to ask for help, especially if the assistance is adorable. In order to move a San Francisco condo listed at $995,000, the duo enlisted the most awesome secret weapon: a corgi realtor.

The video features not one, not two, but four corgis. They’re all equally charming salesdogs working together to take rich people’s money. That’s probably why corgis smile so much, because they’re hustlers and they know it.

But the most heartbreaking reveal in this pricey property ad is that they corgis are NOT included, as if we noticed anything but them. The intent is for the dogs to sell the digs, but with a place this over budget for normal people it has the opposite effect. What I’m saying is, how much for a corgi?