Here’s “Runnin’ (Lose It All),” The New, Sorta-Kinda Beyoncé Song

British producer Naughty Boy, the man behind that Sam Smith helmed ear worm “La La La” teased a new Beyoncé track on Instagram a couple days ago with this intriguing photo.

33 hours… @Beyonce @ArrowBenjamin #LoseItAll

A photo posted by Naughty Boy (@naughtyboymusic) on

Because we are all starved stans desperate for new music from a woman so powerful that she gets the cover of Vogue without even granting an in-person interview, we’ll gladly take anything that we get. And now, like a tiny brownie bite presented to you on the first day of your blood moon, is a zippy little track featuring Beyoncé’s soaring vocals along with Arrow Benjamin helping out on the second verse.

It’s not bad! It’s decent. It’s new music from Beyoncé, who last startled us all awake with her surprise album drop way the fuck back in 2013. If you are a person who has spent lots of time studying her Instagram for nail inspo, glimpses of Blue Ivy and any hints that she might, maybe, possibly be headed into the studio to record something that will make us all collectively lose our minds, you might be out of luck. Looks like she’s somewhere tropical. Maybe it’s a victory lap? Maybe she’s about to stunt on all of us when we least expect it. For now, we have this, and it’s not too shabby.