There’s A New Dating App About Bacon If You’re Hungry For Love

“Liking bacon is not a personality,” Joe Robinow tweeted on August 28th. Well Joe, it seems Oscar Mayer (one of the leading authorities on bacon) disagrees and thinks it can help you find love. Enter Sizzl, a new real, free iOS app made for helping bacon lovers find love with each other.

This app appears to be a promotional tool for Oscar Mayer, though the FAQs on the app’s site insist it’s actually for dating. According to TIME, the app functions like Tinder, using GPS to find bacon lovers nearby so you can meet up with them if them if you’re not too full to move. Before this the only other way to meet suitors based on their bacon interest was drinking too much at brunch.

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 4.06.28 PM

The app is only available for six months, so if they want us to take it seriously people better start using it. I tried only to find that there were no bacon lovers in my area, which is the biggest lie I’ve ever read.


Perhaps I already have a soulmate and it’s bacon.