The Frisky Investigates: Hey, Is This Raccoon OK?

To feed or not to feed raccoons — that is the question you never thought you’d have to ask yourself. But for the woman behind the ZOOSIELOVESCONCERTS YouTube channel the answer is as simple as “LOVE YOU GIRLFRANN.”

Meet Rocksy. It’s spelled that way because if you don’t feed her, she will come back with rocks – and this lady is not bothered by that at all. But for most of us, the incessant tapping and minor property damage might discourage further feeding. Countless resources caution against leaving food for raccoons for a number of reasons, regardless of any diseases they may or may not carry. The main issue is that they become dependent on human resources and aggressive when they’re removed; thus, Rocksy and her and her adorable rock:

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 12.24.09 PM

Zoosie (as we’ll call her) seems totally well-intended, pointing out that Rocksy is a nursing mother and is looking for food for her babies. But maybe she should look to the raccoon’s nipples for this sustenance instead of cat food. Just sayin’.

At least Zoosie is encouraging some sort of independence in raccoons, albeit in her own weird way. Six years ago, she made a video of her raccoon friends (yes, this has been going on that long), and this time they were pole dancing. If there’s anything more terrifying than a raccoon with a rock, it’s the idea of a pole-dancing one stripping off it’s fur. You’re welcome. [YouTube]