Peak Ariana Grande Is Ariana Grande Imitating Other Pop Stars

Here’s a radical proposition. Ariana Grande should quit her day job and just stick to spot-on, pitch perfect impressions of other pop stars. Her Britney is solid. Her Christina, impressive. Her Celine, however, is the thing that I think should replace Celine Dion in her never-ending Vegas show, because it’s better than the real thing. [Gawker]

In case you were wondering how Naomi Campbell’s body is holding up to the ravages of time, this ‘gram should suffice.

#freethenipple ❤️ sneak peek of my TASCHEN two-volume book #naomicampbell in @garage_magazine No. @mertalas @macpiggott

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Big baby Drake made a pouty when the DJ played the wrong version of his song at his maybe-girlfriend Serena Williams’ HSN fashion show. Apparently, Drake didn’t want Anna Wintour or the entirety of the HSN viewers sitting at home to hear the curse words in his song “Back to Black,” so when the DJ played the wrong track, Swole Papi got fussy. [Page Six]

Sofia Vergara is marrying Joe Manganiello, and in the smartest move I can think of in a long time, she won’t have any bridesmaids.

“I don’t think that tradition would have ever lasted one second in Latin America. How do you pick your bridesmaids? All your cousins are your best friends — the whole wedding would be dressed in the same outfit.”

Abolish bridesmaids! Ban attendants! Take your list of non-offensive J.Crew dresses in a weird shade of green and shove it down the toilet! [NYDN]

Britney Spears wants to date a bad boy, but her dad says no. Can she live? [Radar]

“Fox & Friends” is a show I don’t understand because I don’t watch Fox News. However, these jerks got grumpy because newly-minted American citizen Emily Blunt made some offhand joke about how watching the Republican debates made her sad because she’s British. Host Anna Kooiman was mad!

“Why don’t you leave Hollywood, California, and let some American women take on the roles that you’re getting, because Americans are watching your movies and lining your pockets.”

That’s right, Emily Blunt. Leave Hollywood, California. Get OUT. [Gawker]

Mmmmomigod, here’s the full length video that you 100 percent definitely wanted of that “why you always lyin’?” Vine.