Mom Bakes Princess Hulk Cake, But Dad Gets All The Credit

When Brian and Lainie Elton’s four-year-old twin daughters asked for a Hulk Princess cake for their birthday, their parents got to work on a confection that has since gone viral. The awesome photo above of their finished Princess Hulk cake has already received over one million hits on imgur. Many news sources are giving dad Brian credit for making the cake, but we’ve learned directly from the family that this isn’t entirely true.

Lainie Elton told The Frisky that while the idea for the cake was a collaborative effort, she’s the one who made it happen. “The concept and execution was 100 percent my idea with a little inspiration from Pinterest,” she clarified.

Though Mashable vaguely referenced her as the baker/decorator, E! Online, Metro UK  and many others got it wrong. But don’t be too hard on her hubby Brian for getting the bulk of the accolades. He posted on Twitter, giving credit where credit is due, and “helped” with the icing, according to Lainie.

It seems that a majority of the confusion came as a result of the original post on Reddit, post under the user name NobodyLikesASmartAss, who everyone assumed had to be a dad for some reason. However, that was Lainie too.

“I’m the one who shared the cake on Reddit,” Lainie told The Frisky. “When I saw the final product, I was really proud of how it came out and I had a feeling the Reddit community would enjoy seeing it.”

It’s kind of ironic that so many people assumed that only a dad could be responsible – here’s to Hulk smashing yet another gender stereotype.

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