Cecil The Lion’s Hunter Arrested For Smuggling 29 Very Expensive Antelopes

Theo Bronkhurst, who arranged Walter Palmer’s shooting of Cecil The Lion, continues to give no fucks about the law, insofar as it pertains to animals he would like to kill or smuggle. The professional hunter was arrested in Zimbabwe after being linked to an operation to illegally smuggle 29 sable antelope from Zimbabwe to South Africa and is facing charges of moving wild animals without a permit and smuggling wild animals.

Zimbabwean authorities say the animals, valued at $384,000 each, were captured from a private conservancy in Victoria Falls. Bronkhurst’s friends say he wasn’t so much involved with the smuggling as he was with getting the smugglers into Zimbabwe from Zambia and helping them secure an import permit. Who knows if that’s true or not–but still, this dude might want to keep a lower profile at this point in time. Right?

This may be off-topic, but I am now just really curious as to why an antelope is “valued” at $384,000. To what end? What is it that someone’s gonna do with an antelope that makes it worth hundreds of thousands of dollars? Eat it? Ride it around? Keep it as a pet? Make some kind of bric-a-brac out of its horns? I mean, I guess if you have like, bajillions of dollars to spend and $384,000 is just pocket change to you, and you really want a pet antelope for some reason, it’s probably not that weird. But me? HARD PASS. Though to be fair I also do not have any immediate use for an antelope in my life that I can think of.