Anti-Choicers Try To Play At Feminism, Fail Miserably

Hey guys, did you hear? Feminism is totally cool now. Beyoncé is into it! Everyone wants a piece! And now even anti-choice women want to claim it for themselves — except, entirely unsurprisingly, they’re not so good at it! You know, because the idea of women being forced to bear children whether they want to or not is pretty antithetical to the entire spirit of the movement!

ThinkProgress reported this morning on the #WomenBetrayed rally on Capitol Hill that took place last week. The 100 or so people participating in the rally attempted to frame defunding Planned Parenthood — which in addition to providing non-taxpayer funded abortions, also provides necessary medical treatment and family planning services for low-income women — as a “feminist issue.”


So, one of the ways they’re attempting to do this is by framing abortion as a thing that women are “coerced” into doing by abusive boyfriends. 26-year-old Aimee Murphy, the director and founder of Life Matters Journal, described her own experience with this, stating “When I was 16, my 17-year-old boyfriend told me that if I didn’t get an abortion he would kill me…It happens all the time… Women are coerced to have abortions, to go through this whole heart wrenching process.”

Now, there isn’t really a ton of evidence to back up the idea that this is an especially prevalent situation–although you would be hard pressed to find even one single pro-choice person who thinks this it would not be a terrible thing to have happen. The point is and always has been “choice“–which means we’re opposed to forcing either pregnancy or abortion on anyone.

Quite frankly, the more common scenario with abusers is that women are forced to give birth, thereby inextricably linking that woman to the abuser for life.

Murphy’s problem, clearly, was not that abortion was legal, but that she had an abusive boyfriend–one who would have been abusive even if abortion were illegal. The solution there is to leave that man, not to demand that other women be deprived of reproductive choice.

Murphy also stated that “the central tenement [sic] of feminism is equality for human beings regardless of sex, gender, orientation, race, religion” and that “to devalue the preborn life simply because of their location or of their dependency is an act of discrimination… In what good society does improving one side of human rights involve harming and causing violence to other human beings?”

Their location? What? Is a woman a house now? That sure doesn’t sound too “feminist” to me. A uterus isn’t just some arbitrary “location,” it’s located inside a human being. And hell–if you try to randomly move into my uterus or my house, and I don’t want you there, I have the right to kick your ass out. If my uterus isn’t mine, then I’m going to have to start sending Ms. Murphy a monthly bill for the rent.

So there’s that–what else you got, ladies?

Well, one speaker said “Abortion hurts women. We will bring about a culture of love and a culture of life, where no women in her right mind would choose abortion.”

You know, it’s fine if you think that’s something you want to work towards. Although the thing is–Planned Parenthood, by providing birth control and family planning resources to women, actually does a lot more to create that scenario than any anti-choice advocates I’ve ever heard of.

I would also argue that if you really want to create that scenario, you should probably spend less time being mad at women for having abortions, and more time advocating for things like paid parental leave, subsidized daycare, health care and other things that actually help mothers and children who have already been born. I suppose once these people actually start appearing to give a single shit about non-fetal children, it will be a lot easier to believe them when they say they are eager to create a culture of life and love. Also when they stop bombing abortion clinics and killing doctors! Oh! And calling women evil baby-killing whores as they walk into the clinic!

What else ya got?

Ok, well, Sarah Palin, who spoke at the rally along with Rand Paul and Lila Rose of Live Action, said “Planned Parenthood is not pro-women. Planned Parenthood berates women via the actions that they engage in.”

Uh? Um. What? Did she mean to use the word “berate” or did she mean to use a different word? It’s kind of hard to tell. I can’t think of an instance in which Planned Parenthood has “berated” anyone. I think she means a different word. In any case, no, Sarah Palin. Just no. Please stop talking.

I guess intellectual honesty is a lot to expect from these people–or intellectual thought, period, given the fact that they are standing around carrying a sign promoting the provably false claim that #PPSELLSBABYPARTS–but it’s just patently absurd to suggest that taking reproductive choice away from women, that taking medical care and family planning services away from low-income women, is a totally feminist thing to do. Because it’s not.

To boot, defunding Planned Parenthood would have zero effect on the abortions they provide because those abortions, because of the idiot Hyde Amendment, are not subsidized by tax dollars. It would literally only affect the services they provide to low-income women, like mammograms, birth control, pap smears and other medical services–because that is what they are getting that money for.

Good job, ladies!