Woman Who Posed As Man To Trick Friend Found Guilty Of Sexual Assault

Twenty-five-year-old Gayle Newland of the town of Willaston in Cheshire, England has been found guilty of sexual assault after having posed as a man in order to have sex with a female friend of hers.

Newland had created a fake Facebook profile for a man named Kye Fortune, who had both a brain tumor and many scars from a car accident. Using this profile, Newland seduced the victim into thinking they were in a relationship, and convinced her to meet her for sex–during which the victim would wear a blindfold on account of the fact that “Kye” was embarrassed by his scars.

The pair reportedly spent over 100 hours together, with the victim blindfolded, over the course of February and June of 2013.

Reportedly, Newland wore a prosthetic penis and bandaged her breasts for these meetings, although she denies the breast bandaging part and still maintains that the victim was well aware of who she was. According to the victim, however, the blindfold came off one day and she was shocked to see her friend staring back at her.

Newland has been released on bail until sentencing.