Watch Stevie Wonder Slide Into James Corden’s Wife’s DMs Via Song

Last night, Stevie Wonder sat in the car with James Corden and let himself be chauffeured around L.A. while playing a harmonica and singing some of his greatest hits. This bit is maybe one of the only late night go-tos that is still fresh! Maybe that’s because Stevie Wonder is a national treasure who may or may not be blind. Also he’s a great singer and is the only person I can tolerate playing a harmonica.

Corden is geeked as hell to have a fucking legend sitting in the car next to him, but not nearly as geeked as his wife, who loves Stevie with all of her heart. Really, if you’re having a shitty Tuesday — who isn’t, Tuesday is the day of no hope, after all — watch this, and feel instantly better.