The Saddest Time Smashmouth Bottomed Out At An Oysterfest

Perhaps it was the years of playing corporate events and lesser known county fairs. Perhaps it was the fact that days earlier they got to play a “’90s Fest” in Brooklyn and for a moment relive their glory days of MTV Spring Breaks and people who did not, as of yet, yelp out in pain at the first strands of “Walkin’ On The Sun.” The days of spiked bleachy hair and tribal tattoos and Pacific Sunwear. And shants. Oh, the shants.

Perhaps they had just given up. Perhaps they had eaten some bad oysters. Perhaps they were just tired.

But for whatever reason, this Sunday at the 38th Annual Oyster Festival in Norwalk, Connecticut, Steve Harwell delivered the saddest version of “All Star” the world has ever seen, slurring the few words he even remembered, before half-heartedly imploring the audience to put their hands in the air.

TO BE FAIR. It’s kind of impressive that they’ve gone on this long, playing their two or three megahits of the ’90s up through the year 2015, when so many other bands have either more or less disappeared or have, you know, had other hits since then. They do keep on going, I will say that for them. Perhaps they need a break.