Sleepy Bear Breaks Into A Pizza Place To Take A Nap

It’s been a big week for bears in Colorado. First they closed down an entire canyon in Denver, and then this baby bear broke into Louie’s Pizza in Colorado Springs. Well, she didn’t break in so much as she ran through an open door, went into the pizza prep-room and promptly passed out. Luckily no humans or pizzas were harmed in the process.

The Gazette reported that the cub was first spotted near Palmer High School early Monday afternoon, almost causing the school to go on lock-down. But the scared bear bolted down the street and into the arms of Italian food. Once in the prep room, she ate some icing off of Louie’s cinna-bread and settled in on a shelf. The restaurant did not let anyone inside while they waited for an officer from the Department of Parks and Wildlife to arrive.

Once tranquilized they found that the baby bear had a broken foot and was believed to have been hit by a car, according to CBS Denver. She will be taken to a rehabilitation facility and released once recovered. So far, there have been no sitings of the bear’s mother in the area.

We’re wishing this sweet cub a fast recovery. Long live Pizza Bear!