Man Goes Full-Hog On Autumn And Attempts To Set A Pumpkin Boat World Record

Thanks to the great Guinness Book, there are a lot of weird food-related records we can all work towards breaking. There’s the most juice extracted from grapes by treading in one minute; the most expensive non-jeweled chocolate egg sold at auction; and the largest hot dog commercially available (I legitimately just realized I know this guy). But Todd Sandstrum set out to break a more autumn-appropriate record when he rowed a 871-pound pumpkin down the Easton River in Massachusetts last weekend.

A pumpkin boat sounds like a Pinterest project nightmare, but traveling in one is actually a very real record category. Sandstrum had to row himself more than three miles to break the current record for the longest journey in a pumpkin watercraft. Instead he set out on a seven-mile trip, only to find that this pumpkin was not in fact magical. According to Enterprise News, he was only able to travel about 3.5 miles in total. Though he just barely broke it, they are still waiting for the Guinness Book of Records to verify this.

“I’m still in awe of the amount of pain that I pushed through to get it done,” Sandstrum told Enterprise News. When it comes to breaking fall related records, there’s got to be a better way. I’d rather eat a boat’s worth of pumpkin pie.

Dancing Pumpkin Man

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