An Artist Is Selling A Menstrual Blood Portrait Of Donald Trump To Benefit Immigrant Rights

Hey, remember the Republican debates, when talking squirrel-fur-hat Donald Trump bloviated a bunch about a lot of really dumb shit? Remember when after the debate he said that Megyn Kelly, moderator of said debate, had ”¬†blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever”? And wherever totally meant her vagina (no matter what backpedaling he has done)?

Portland-based artist Sarah Levy decided to commemorate this very special moment in American political discourse by painting a portrait of the Donald, using her menstrual blood as a medium. The likeness is uncanny. Lest you worry that the proceeds from this very special piece of artwork will just benefit the artistic genius herself, Levy’s planning on donating the money to an immigrants’ rights organization.

If you want to own a reproduction of this lovely work, feel free to trot on over to Etsy, where prints are going for a cool $20. Not a bad price to pay for showing Donald what’s good.

[h/t Buzzfeed]