This Colorado Canyon Had To Close Because People Wouldn’t Stop Taking Bear Selfies

As much as the selfie trend has come to be accepted by haters everywhere, there are some situations you really don’t need to document with a picture of your face. Encountering a bear is one of these situations, but that doesn’t mean you won’t remember the experience. After all, who needs photos when you can just have flashbacks from a near-death wilderness experience?

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But for visitors at Denver Colorado’s Waterton Canyon, the need for bad-ass bear selfies has eclipsed this common safety precaution. In fact, bear selfies have become such a problem that they have been forced to close the park for the first time ever, NBC Channel 9 News reported.

Waterton Canyon’s closing is a part of larger national trend of policies attempting to save selfie-snappers from themselves. Despite federal warnings from the US Forest Service last fall to stop bear selfies – and the death of Darsh Patel from doing just that – there are hikers that still refuse to proceed with caution. Until they do, Denver Water (the owner of Waterton Canyon) is shutting the entire trail down.

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There are a lot of things you can do when you see a bear, but increasing your Instagram followers isn’t one of them. It might be hard, but if the state of New York can live without tiger selfies, anything is possible. [NBC Channel 9 News]