These Disney Aprons Are Great For Grown Women Who Love Princesses And Hate Cooking

There’s something slightly unnerving about Disney-obsessed adults. At a certain point it gets weird idolizing a bunch of cartoons with dead moms and evil after them, no matter how pretty they are. But we’ve all known (and maybe even enjoyed) someone like this and thanks to Etsy shop Lover Dover’s Clothing, you can now feed their fanaticism with the worst gift ever.

CREDIT: Lover Dovers Clothing / Etsy

At a glance these aprons are cute, but conflicting. They bring up all sorts of loaded feelings about what Disney princesses should inspire little girls to do on one side. And on the other it’s like, shut up, it’s just baking and aprons. This was confusing, but it wasn’t where my inexplicable rage was coming from.

The problem with these aprons isn’t the people who wear them or what they mean, it’s the fact that they’re not aprons at all. You wear an apron to protect your clothes while cooking, not to protect your ego from realizing you’re making dinner and not a princess luxuriating in a castle. They’re functional by definition and should not be nicer that what you’re wearing them over.

Really nothing says get out of the kitchen and into a fantasy world quite like a Disney Princess apron. These clothing pieces aren’t anything but fancy ass-less dresses, much like the royals intended.

CREDIT: Lover Dovers Clothing / Etsy