Rich Lady Threatens To “Skin” Ex-Husband’s New Wife And Turn Her Into “Wallpaper”

I obviously do not all condone violence or harassment or torture for any reason, least of all a bad divorce, but I cannot help but gawk with a tiny bit of delight at the complete fuckery that is this particular tale of a woman scorned. According to the New York Post, Nirit Resnick Varenbut and Josh Resnick, who have on child,  were divorced in 2012, and Josh, a managing partner at Jericho Capital, married his current wife, Danyelle Freeman, that same year. His speedy rebound must not have sat well with the former Mrs. Resnick, because she spent the last three years making their life hell, in the way that only the very wealthy can: renting a nearby East Hampton home for the sole purpose of stalking the couple and making completely unhinged homicidal threats involving clever interior decorating solutions. Via the NY Post:

“I want you to hurt, hurt, hurt,” Nirit Resnick Varenbut allegedly told her ex, Josh Resnick, in a post on the Facebook page of his second wife, online food writer Danyelle Freeman. “I want to be the one who skins her alive. I can make wallpaper out of her.”

Both Resnick and Freeman got orders of protection against Varenbut last year. Last week, East Hampton Town Justice Lisa Rana sentenced  Varenbut, a real-life Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction,” to three years’ probation after she pleaded guilty to misdemeanor criminal contempt.

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