Delta State University Professor Suspected In Shooting Death Of Colleague And His Own Girlfriend

Today, an assistant professor of American history at Delta State University was shot to death in his office, and police reportedly believe the still-missing assailant may have been his romantic rival. Shannon Lamb (left), a professor of geography at the university, has been named as a person of interest in Ethan Schmidt’s (right) death, as well as the death of an unnamed woman believed to be Lamb’s girlfriend earlier this morning. Police reportedly are considering the possibility that Lamb believed his girlfriend and Schmidt were having a romantic relationship. The woman believed to be Lamb’s girlfriend was shot to death at the home they shared in Gautier, Mississippi, with Lamb calling police at around 10:20 a.m. to notify them. He then is believed to have driven to Delta State, which is five hours away, where he shot Schmidt in his office.

Lamb is still at large and was last seen in a green SUV, which police have since found empty. Classes are canceled for today and tomorrow as this tragic situation continues to play out.

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