Dad Tries To Turn His Daughter Into A Princess, But We Like Her Just The Way She Is

I was really into Halloween as a kid, but my tastes were always a bit darker and more morbid than what my parents preferred. They wanted me to be a princess for years until we finally compromised on a dead fairy princess, and I felt victorious. But after seeing this video, I wish I were more like JoJo and passed on the whole royal thing.

In a recent video courtesy of Lomelino Kids, JoJo gives her dad many reasons why she’s not a princess, despite his insistence that she is. A lot of these reasons have to do with her not having sparkly bracelets, but hey, feminism comes in baby steps and this little anti-princess is still a prodigy.


In the end, it’s really JoJo’s dad who needs to chill out about all this princess nonsense. Instead of celebrating how cool it is that his daughter doesn’t want to be something she’s not, according to the YouTube description, he instead bought her those aforementioned sparkly princess bracelets. That’s right, he missed the point of his own YouTube video.

Regardless, JoJo’s assertiveness proves that you don’t have to be a princess to be a boss. She shot her dad down every chance she got, before finally telling him he’s not a king. Her mother must have been so proud. [via Lomelino Kids]