Comedian Willie Lynch, Jr. Publicly Threatens Female Comic Who Didn’t Want To Date Him

As we all know by now, unfortunately, not all men take rejection well–and some take it to an extreme. This week’s (first?) example of the latter is one Willie Lynch, Jr., a fairly well-known figure on the comedy circuit. Although Lynch reportedly styles himself as a progressive kind of guy, and although he spends a lot of time talking and tweeting about how Black women are queens, it seems this doesn’t extend to Black women who god forbid turn him down for a date.

Several months ago, Lynch began pursuing Chicago comic Brandi Denise, who says she turned down his very forward advances on account of the fact that she wasn’t interested in dating other comedians, and because she didn’t think he was genuine. Following this, he ceased liking her photos on Instagram and started leaving snide comments instead. Eventually, she got fed up.

willie lynch 1

It did not end there.

Lynch proceeded to text one of Denise’s friends announcing that he was going to end her “komedy” career, and then started texting her creepy messages as well.

Willie Lynch 2

And he still wasn’t done! In fact, it got a whole lot worse. Lynch then went on a nearly day-long Twitter rant against Brandi Denis, accusing her of having STDs, disparaging her looks and talent, posting her picture to Twitter and Instagram, which culminated in eventually threatening her and then going onto Periscope to bash her further.

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Jesus freaking christ, that is some serious male fragility right there. Sure! Getting rejected sucks, but it sure as hell doesn’t give you a pass to spend an entire day tearing the person who rejected you down in vulgar, sexist ways, and it certainly is not OK to suggest that this is “how people wind up missing.” Because unfortunately, sometimes it is and that is really, really not funny. That is fucked up. There are too many women out there who have been victims of violence or who have even been murdered for the “crime” of rejecting a man’s advances to even consider “joking” about such a thing. It’s not funny, it’s horrifying. This is a thing we legitimately have to fear.

Brandi Denise followed up on Lynch’s tweets with a few of her own on the sheer joys of being a woman in both life and in the comedy scene.

brandi denise
brandi denise 2

It’s really unfortunate when men who clearly think of themselves as being progressive suddenly turn around and go full misogynist the second a woman bruises their male ego.

Because again, this is how women wind up missing, or dead, or hurt and nothing is OK about that. The hurt feelings and bruised egos from rejection that men like Willie Lynch, Jr. rail against are nothing compared to the very real threat of violence women face for rejecting men in the first place.