Trump’s Political Ignorance Shines As He Is Duped By British Labour Party Twitter User

No one is safe on Twitter, but especially old politically ignorant dinguses like Donald Trump who barely know any world figures.

Last night, he once again showed this when he tweeted a “thanks” of sorts, for someone who said their dad would be voting for him. Except that the dad is actually British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The Twitter user responsible for the duping was just a small account HamiishP95. Some young Labour Party supporter having a go at it.

Bobby Jindal even chimed in echoing the ignorance Trump demonstrates:

At this point, yes Trump is dumb, we all know it. But it’s still beautiful to see it in action time and time again. Of course it won’t be so beautiful if he is elected into office, but i’m still quite sure that will not happen so help me gods.