Harry Potter-Themed Bar Opens In Toronto

Good news for adults who are of legal age to drink, but who still remain children inside!

The Lockhart is Harry Potter-themed bar that just opened in Toronto, Canada’s west end and it is wacky.

According to its co-owner Matt Rocks, the concept is a “casual neighborhood bar” that has a bunch of Harry Potter shit all over it, and themed drinks. He wanted to stress however, that it’s not just for Harry Potter fans and that other people can come too. Good news for me then.

Instead of cocktails there are “potions” and bar-goers are encouraged to enter wearing thematic dress for their “Befuddlement Brew” or a “Shacklebolt.”

Here’s a peek at their drinks menu from the bar’s Instagram page:

So sit back relax and be a muggle with your potion, and open up any of the Harry Potter books that line the bar’s shelves and forget about adulthood for a while.

Toronto, keep being weird.