Got An Hour? Here Are The Best Things To Read Or Listen To This Week

Do you have an hour? We bet you do. Here’s a bunch of stuff to read in the bath/listen to while making breakfast as you go into your weekend. 

Jenny Zhang nailed her treatise on the whole Yi-Fen Chou/Micheal Derrick Hudson bullshit to the front door of the internet at Buzzfeed, dropped her hammer, then dropped the mic and strolled away. This entire goddamn thing is so important to read, and also beautifully written. Here, just look at this sentence. [Buzzfeed]

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 5.21.10 PM

Kick it like you don’t know any better and grab a big ol’ box of Franzia while reading this extremely thorough and very entertaining history of Franzia by Clare Malone in Broadly. There’s murder! There’s mob shit! There’s intrigue! Pour a jug of Chillable Red and settle in. [Broadly]

While you’re making organic pancakes for your lover or eating a egg and cheese on a roll from the deli down the street, please tune in to the latest episode of the Longform podcast. This week they’re talking to Margo Jefferson, cultural critic and author of the new book Negroland. She’s a delightful woman, scarily intelligent and this podcast is a real pleasure. [Longform]

A relatable and refreshingly honest look at dealing with addiction in a way that standard treatments don’t allow for? Yes, sure, totes. Thanks, Katie Herzog for this piece on marijuana as a balm for alcohol addiction. We’ll take it. [Buzzfeed]

Hey, remember when the internet got huffy about those people at Vox who willingly choose to live their lives as Victorian cosplayers? Here’s a good, solid dismemberment of their entire shtick at Slate from the improbably named Rebecca Onion. [Slate]

Up With People was/is still a weird musical-cult-thing started by a right-wing alarmist group that wanted to spread its message through the power of song. Here, a former member of the group talks about his experience on the Feast of Fun podcast. Spoiler alert: that member is Shaun Sperling, the super-extra-fabulous angel behind that Madonna voguing bar mitzvah clip. You know the one. [FOF Podcast]