Director Nancy Meyers: “I Remember When Men Didn’t Dress Like Their 4-Year-Olds”

Nancy Meyers, queen of everything and co-writer of my favorite movie in the entire world, “Baby Boom,” and your mom’s favorite movie, “It’s Complicated,” sat down with the Cut’s Amy LaRocca to discuss her long and accomplished career. Her latest movie is “The Intern,” starring Robert DeNiro as the titular intern and Anne Hathaway as his boss. Get your minds out of the gutter, it is not a rom-com — a bit of a departure for Meyers. In the interview, she talks mostly about Hollywood, sexism, and being a woman director unafraid to make movies that are uncompromisingly, unabashedly female. If you’ve seen any of Meyers’s work, you’d understand this innately. The whole interview is a gem, but here are some of the choicest bits.

On the stunning and very specific interiors of all of her films:

The spaces also seem to be symbolic of a certain level of success, especially a woman’s success.

In Something’s Gotta Give, I imagined that she lives on the beach in the Hamptons, and I think she wrote the book to a successful Broadway show, and that’s how she got the money to buy this. And then it’s like, so, where’s the desk in her house? In Something’s Gotta Give, she did not build herself an office. She put the desk in her bedroom, right? Because the bedroom faces the ocean. And her desk is right in front. She has the view she loves, and also, it continues to tell the story of the fact that she was done with guys.

On the show that you both love, “The Bachelorette”:

I just finished “The Bachelorette.” There is nothing more compelling. My friend said, “Oh, I had to fast-forward every time they talked about their feelings.”

I can’t get enough of when they talk about their feelings.

I know. I only fast-forward through group dates. The group date, I have to admit, I’m not that into. But the second they’re alone with the two shots, then I know it’s going to begin. There’s no chance I’m fast-forwarding. By the way, since when was falling in love so easily documented? “I’m falling, I was falling in love. I’m falling in love with two people.” Really?

On the rampant sexism in Hollywood:

I’ve worked in the studio system forever, and there were always these really smart women in the meetings whose job it was to translate what the big guy was saying. What he means is … Thank God, that’s over. That was painful. Women have moved up in the exec jobs more than in any other job in Hollywood. Do an equal amount run studios? No, but they are significantly represented. And with women doing so well right now in the executive ranks, I think we’ll see more movies about women. And the director problem? Even I was saying for a minute that maybe women just don’t want to direct the big-cape movies or tentpole movies because maybe they can’t really relate, but now I’m thinking that’s not even true. Let’s not assume women don’t want in on those kind of movies. Women can direct dinosaurs. Believe me.

“Women can direct dinosaurs” works pretty well as a motivational Post-It you stick to your mirror. The rest of the interview is a delight. Read it here.

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