Subway Received A Serious Complaint About Jared Years Ago And Did Nothing

Admitted pedophile and former Subway Sandwiches spokesman Jared Fogle was accused of “wrongdoing” as far back as 2011 according to an internal review taking place now, after his huge scandal.

However, a spokesperson for the chain assured everyone that the wrongdoing wasn’t based on improper sexual conduct, pedophilia or assault, but they will not reveal what the hell it is at this time. Darn.

The complaint was found among 1 million customer service comments, company documents and interviews with employees as part of the ongoing investigation. Subway regrets that they didn’t handle it better at the time, with you know, follow through and all that.

Jared is scheduled to appear in court in November for his federal sentencing and it could be steep. This probably won’t help.

Any ideas as to what he did?

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