Thighbrows: The Stupidly Named “Trend” That Is At Least Inclusive And Body Positive

When I saw the headline “Are Thighbrows The New Thighgap?” on, my initial instinct was to roll my eyes heavenward and brace myself for a new stupidly named non “trend” celebrating some aspect of thinner bodies over heavier ones. What I found was indeed a stupidly named non trend, but celebrating an aspect of women’s bodies that, best I can imagine, every woman (well, every woman with legs that connect to the hips and butt) has regardless of size or shape. See, “thighbrows” refers to the crease that forms at the very top of the thighs when you sit down, best shown off by a bathing suit or underwear. I’m trying to think of a woman, or any human being with, you know, legs surrounded by FLESH, who wouldn’t get some semblance of thighbrows when they sat down and, well, I’m still thinking. My dog Lucca is sitting right next to me, and SHE has thighbrows. See?


So yeah, everyone has thighbrows and calling it a trend is either totally stupid or completely genius or maybe somehow both. I love the fact that while thighbrows abound on women of all sizes, it especially favors those with thicker, meatier, fuller thighs, which produce a more obvious crease. It’s high time bigger thighs got some love.

This inclusivity also makes me especially curious about its origins, as it sounds like almost a parody of ridiculous body trends, like thighgap or hot dog legs, that sites like ELLE breathlessly write about — and lo, they’ve done that again here, accompanying their piece with a gallery of various Kardahian/Jenners wearing bathing suits “showing off” their own thighbrows. But that gallery could just as easily have included women like Gabourey Sidibe, Beth Ditto, Serena Williams, Melissa McCarthy or Kelly Clarkson, sitting in bathing suits showing off their own thighbrows. The fact that it doesn’t points to’s decision to favor thinner women over heavier/curvier/thicker women, not any inherent exclusivity in the “trend” itself.

So yeah. Thighbrows. We all have them. And that sure as shit is preferable to every other body “trend” that tells most women that there is something wrong with them. HERE FOR IT.