Men With Accents Try To Explain Feminine Hygiene Products And Mostly Fail

You could tell they weren’t going to do a great job of explaining feminine hygiene products when the title referred to all of them under the same “tampon” umbrella. But their lack of insight did not stop the boys of Facts, a Dublin based YouTube channel produced by Creative Nation, from attempting to talk about pads, panty liners and tampons (OH MY!).

In typical dude fashion, these explanations devolved into somewhat of a maxi-pad roast. “If men had this situation, it wouldn’t be called Always. It would be called NEVER LET YOU DOWN.” That’s right, we’re not even a minute into the video and they think they can do better.


Still, you’ve got to give them partial credit for their observations not being totally off. Especially when it comes to panty liners, as someone pointed out, “I reckon you’re taking a gamble with this one.” He’s not wrong, but it is a gamble where the house never wins.

But if men insist on tackling the technicalities of our period supplies, let this be a lesson to them– only do it with a sense of humor and a soothing accent. I can’t wait for them to make sense of the Diva Cup.