Kim Davis’s Lawyers Made A Hilariously Bad Video About How Oppressed They Are

Kentucky jerk Kim Davis, you may know, is being represented by the Liberty Counsel–a crack team of crackpots who essentially believe that Christians, who make up 83 percent of the population in America, are in immediate danger of being oppressed just like the Jews in WWII-era Germany.

Every year, the Liberty Counsel hosts an event called “The Awakening,” in which they discuss the myriad ways they are being brutally oppressed–from President Obama acknowledging that people who aren’t Christian live in this country and are Americans, to trans people just going around being themselves and not bothering anyone.

The video above, shown at one such conference at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, begins with a narrator stating, “We laugh now but they’ll come after us. They’ll come after our children. They’ll close the net around us while we are playing soccer mom and soccer dad … while we’re arguing over so many little things…”

Sure dude, whatever you say.

If that’s not dramatic enough for you, the footage of the ways Christians are being oppressed is interspersed with title cards reading “WAKE UP,” which is the universal rallying cry of people who have a weird thing about fluoride and think Beyoncé is queen of the Illuminati.

It sure is something.