A Group Of Brooklyn Witches Are Hexing Donald Trump

Brooklyn-based bruja and activist Yeni Sleidi threw together this video of some of her witch friends doing their best to halt Donald Trump’s lockstep towards the Republican nomination — by hexing him with a variety of spells. In an interview with Jezebel, she said that Trump’s idiotic statements about Mexican immigrants hit close to home as a Cuban immigrant herself, so really, this was the least she could do.

There’s a whole slew of spells in this little video, performed by an array of witches, from a head-freezing spell cast by invoking the Ice Queen; a spell to protect people of color; and, my personal favorite, a hair-loss spell meant to target the seat of Trump’s power — his trash-ass-candy-floss-merkin-looking flop of a comb over.

Witchcraft as a trend to be co-opted by Urban Outfitters and Tumblr feels silly; witchcraft and Santeria as an actual religion is legitimate. Besides, witches have always been at the center of “political resistance,” according to Suzy X, a musician whose band Shady Hawkins contributed music to the video. She says:

“We need to re-politicize the witch, the way feminists did in the ‘70s. Let’s take advantage of their existing fear of women, of immigrants, of black and brown folks. And let’s have a little fun with it.”

Frankly, we could not agree more.