The Duggars’ Donation-Funded “Missionary Trips” Are Likely Just Extended Vacations

It’s tough right now being a Duggar fan. Although most of them are willing to stick with the clan through thick and thin, through infidelity allegations and child molestation scandals, a few of them are starting to wonder where all the money they’ve donated to the Duggar’s missionary trips are going.

You see, Derick and Jill Dillard solicited donations through their 5013c, Dillard Family Ministries, for a trip to El Salvador for the purposes of annoying people in other countries and trying to get them to join their weird cult and accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior. However, the couple has flown back to the U.S. three times in the past two months in order to do things like attend their cousin Amy Duggar’s wedding. And fans are getting suspicious that the money they donate is funding these trips as well.

On the couple’s Facebook page several fans questioned where their donated money was going to what they felt was the worthy cause of bugging El Salvadorians about not being Catholic anymore, or to the couple’s repeated trips back to the states.

Fan Daisy Shay wrote: “Jill and Derick are back in the states AGAIN !!!!!!! THEY TRAVEL BACK AND FORTH BUT WANT US TO DONATE AND GIVE THEM MONEY…they entire Duggar cult lives and breathes for media attention now that the gravy train ran dry Jessa jumps n front of every camera in desparation. Narcissist behavior.”

Another fan, Shadman Rolfe, wrote, “I (love) you all and Jill and Derick but it (concerns) me that I am sending (money) for them to do missions and (they) fly home 2 times for weddings. I want to know if my cash is paying for this or (ministry). I want to serve the Lord and I want to give (but) I need to know my money is being used right.”

I have a huge problem with missionary work in and of itself, and think it’s a pretty gross and messed up thing to do. I think it’s ruined cultures, and that it’s inherently vicious given that these people often give starving people food and medical treatment in exchange for converting. I’m not even sure that it’s less morally reprehensible than taking people’s money for missionary work and then using it to fly yourselves anywhere you want to go. But still, I suppose these people sort of have a right to be upset. Though you’d think they’d be more upset over the whole child molesting thing.

Clearly, the Duggars are scam artists, and the more people who wise up to this, the better.

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