Quick Update: Drake’s Swole Continues Unabated

Drake’s quest to be as swole as he possibly can soldiers on, as evidenced by this ‘gram we have before us. If you thought his swole had peaked, brace yourselves, hold on to the nearest solid object bolted to the ground, take a deep breath and look at this shit:

That part. That beard. Those arms. The stare. He can’t actually touch the sides of his body with his arms anymore because his biceps have inflated. He’s giving you Baby The Rock with a dash of that dweeb from college who got really into Crossfit that you keep brushing your boobs against accidentally-on-purpose at your 10-year reunion. It’s working, Drake. Keep it up.

Serena, this is what’s waiting for you, regardless if you win or not (you will). Godspeed, sister.