Kesha Officiated A Gay Wedding For The Second Time In Her Life This Week

Apparently Kesha (formerly Ke$ha) has a thing for officiating gay weddings! Yesterday, she posted a photo of herself presiding over the marriage of her hairstylist and his now-husband on Instagram:

#VxF 💍❤️💍 all u need is love 💘💘💘

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Kesha also officiated the wedding of two female friends in 2012, so one more and it’s a trend!

I’d totally have Kesha gay-officiate me. She has chilled out quite a lot since she went to rehab and got right with herself. Right now her lawsuit against Dr. Luke has been halted by a judge, and for the moment she can make music, but she can’t release it. Becoming a wedding officiant specializing in gay marriages sounds like a decent career alternative for the meantime, doesn’t it?


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