Hey Reporter, Serena Williams Wants To Play Tennis And Not Answer Your Inane Questions, ‘K?

Serena Williams is two games away from a calendar grand slam – winning all four major championships in a calendar year – and understandably has her head way in the game. After beating her older sister Venus in an emotional and very tough match on Tuesday, you’d think that she could just take a fucking minute and get ready to trample the shit out of her next opponent.

But, as a pro athlete, part of her job is nodding and smiling for the cameras and answering inane questions over and over again. This time, it seems she’s fed up. Revel in her refreshing honesty as she quietly tells the reporter asking her for the 10th time about what it felt like to play her sister. Put yourself in her shoes, reporter. I bet it was fucking hard! Ask her anything else.

Take notes from the Serenas and the Marshawns of this world, young sports stars. Speak your mind. [Clutch Magazine]