Gear Up For The Holidays (Yes, Already) With The “Krampus” Trailer

I hate doing this because is it really time for Christmas already? But here we go: This is the trailer for “Krampus,” starring Toni Colette and Adam Scott as the heads of a family that hates each other so much that they suck all of the spirit out of Christmas and invoke the demon Krampus, who’s out to drag all of their kids to hell. He’s like the Grinch, but you can’t fix his tiny heart by including him in your Whommunity and getting him a girlfriend, because he’s pure evil.

The trailer shows the Krampus as a sort of Henson puppet writ mammoth, which makes me hopeful that the movie will strike a precise balance between indulging the audience in a disdain for Christmas that I think most of us at least mildly share, while reminding us that family really is pretty great, sometimes. Or maybe I’m wrong, and the Krampus wins, and we find out that our consumer culture was the real villain all along. We’ll find out in December!


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