Watch Misty Copeland Talk About Discrimination In Ballet In The Trailer For “A Ballerina’s Tale”

Misty Copeland made history a few months back as the first black woman to be promoted to principal dancer in the 75 year history of the American Ballet Theater. Now, her life and her rise to fame are the subject of “A Ballerina’s Tale,”  a documentary directed by George Nelson, coming to theaters October 14.

A crucial part of Copeland’s story is the fact that, as one of the few black faces in a sea of white ballerinas, she has often felt like she has a greater responsibility. In the cover story of the September issue of Essence, Copeland says:

“I’m going to continue to be who I am and my experiences as a Black woman have made me who I am…All of a sudden now that I am in this position, I’m not going to say ‘I’m just a dancer.’ It’s a huge deal because I’m a Black woman. That’s why it’s a big deal.”

Aside from casually slaying the ballet world with her wonder and her beauty, Copeland also recently finished a stint on Broadway in the revival of “On The Town.”  Enjoy her “Miss Turnstiles Ballet” number, here: